I’ve been writing music my entire life and wanted to see if you might be interested in placing any of my songs.  I own all my publishing and masters.    

If you have any specific needs that you’re looking for, I’m also actively writing new music and have loads of demos and other finished songs that may be of interest.




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Happy in the studio

There Are Days Like These” from the EP “Illumination” (Jan 2024) is a song about the fragility of life and how living can be brilliant, even in challenging times.   

“There’s hope to find

And gratitude that’s mine

There’s life to live

Before we run out of time”

All of My Life” from my album “Life Insurance” is a song about living life on “the other side” of the world, far away from family and home.  And despite the distance and passing of time, family is never far from the heart.

“The ocean’s waves are one 

Beneath the warming sun

Still the bond is growing strong

And you belong to all of my life”

 How do we understand this world of contradictions? Reaching out to a universe beyond our comprehension while at the same time wanting to know. “There’s no answer for me. May I speak honestly? “ There’s an intimacy here. A gentle kindness in asking for permission, knowing that the answer may be silence. But more importantly, there’s hope here, a sense of moving forward, of not giving up. “While Heaven still weeps” tells me this is passing. A temporariness. Eventually, something will give, will budge, will get better. Each Time I Pray.

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