In My Darkest Hour 

In my darkest hour, I see

And wonder, could it be?

You are slipping away

Are you slipping away from me?


In my brightest hour, I’m free

I wonder could it be

Are we flying away – into eternity?

Yeah, are we drifting away into the great big sea?


Yeah, life can be hard

So fill it with amazing things

Yeah, love is good


Gotta play your own cards

You can choose how to see your world and everything

So choose what is real


In my darkest hour

In my brightest hour


You’re greatest adventure of my life

Are you slipping away my darling wife?

Your body is battered

But your heart is kind

At peace with what matters

For all of time

Is. Time is.  Time is. Time is time is time is time is time is time is time is time is time is


In my darkest hour I see

In my brightest hour I’m free

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