Macaroni & Cheese for Breakfast

 No cause for concern

Well, here I am, naturally, in Hong Kong stuck at an airport hotel after missing my connection to Nepal (and my gig in Kathmandu) thanks to Air Canada and a 4 hour computer glitch which delayed our departure from Vancouver. Once we finally took off, a whole section of the ceiling collapsed right in front of me followed by the following reassuring announcement: “Some panels just fell from the ceiling but there is no cause for concern. This happens from time to time!”   Not kidding!!!  That’s what the Captain said!  And in my 30 years of travel, occasional Gin & Tonic spill? Yes!  Crying babies next to me? Quite often? The guy in front of me leaning his seat all the way back?? ALL THE TIME!  But ceiling panels falling down, I would say, rather infrequent.    Luckily the engines stubbornly stuck to the plane the whole way to Hong Kong but unfortunately I missed my connection anyways. The next flight to Kathmandu is not until tonight with a long layover in Dhaka (naturally and I wouldn’t have it any other way) so won’t get into the hotel until well after midnight. Oh, life on the road!   So just for the hell of it, therefore, really, in honor of all this hilarity, I had macaroni and cheese for breakfast this morning. I did! I just couldn’t resist. Hey, it was available at the buffet! What was I supposed to do?

Ok, onto chocolate mousse for lunch!!

Avacado Chocolate Mousse
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