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love & light

"I’ll have to leave you at the shore -
when I finally reach the ocean."

New EP in the works "Love & Light" for release this Fall 2024.  Currently recording in Hawk's Shed in North Vancouver, Canada.  Drums engineered and recorded by Andy Kravitz at Studio 4 West, Venice Beach, CA USA. Produced and Mixed by Winston Hauschild on Bowen Island, Canada. Mastered by Elisa Pangsaeng at CPS Mastering, Vancouver, Canada.  Photo Credit:  Lova Lindhe

Hawk: Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Bass
Winston: Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Andy: Drums and Percussion

First single "End of the Road" available on streaming services everywhere August 15, 2024.



Hello 2024!  A new book is out called "Illumination: Finding Light in Cancer's Shadow" (available on Amazon and Kindle).   The past year has been one of reflection and taking stock of what truly matters in life.  Love, friendship, good health, kindness, music.   So I've been writing new songs to accompany the book and bring light along with hope.  "Illumination" is available on all digital and streaming platforms.    ♫






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holiday music

The one and only holiday song ever recorded by bounce the ocean - "Christmas Song".   Originally written in the early 1990s for inclusion on a mixed artist holiday album which never happened, Christmas Song has remained orphaned in a box of other left-over decorations until now - 30 years later.  With a message of hope in turbulent times, regardless of faith, creed or culture, this song is a quiet plea for restoration and peace. 






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bounce the ocean

Discover unburied "Treasure"

Finally, a collection of never-before-released mixes of favorite bounce the ocean songs including “It Just Gets Better” and “Wasting My Time” as well as unheard demos featuring legendary Andrew Gold (“Thank You for Being a Friend”) and a never before heard track, “First I’ll Take You” – a snappy danceable powerpop song featuring world-renowned drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Cougar Mellencamp), Neil Stubenhaus on bass, Randy Waldman’s blistering grand piano solo and Jerry Hey and his classic horn section, produced by Grammy Award-winning musician and songwriter, Clif Magness.

Mainly recorded in the 1990s, this collection includes the original musical vision of bounce the ocean with front and centre harmonies, solos by John and Hawk and fresh instrumentation produced by Grammy Award-winning Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), mixed by legendary Michael Frondelli (Crowded House) and engineered by sound designer Frank Bry.  Also featured on drums, Andy Kravitz, now a Grammy Award-winning producer himself.  On guitars, world-renowned Tim Lerch, Michael Thompson and Greg Leisz with tasty slide guitars on “Letting Go”.  Original, unapologetic, authentic pure powerpop.

Bounce the Ocean was formed in 1990 by Hawk Björn and John Utter.  Undaunted by the emerging chaos and hype of the Seattle grunge scene, the music of bounce the ocean is inspired by crafty popilious songwriting, universal and personal lyrics, haunting and gorgeous harmonies and just great melodic power pop.  All in all, “Treasure” contains 15 never before released tracks recorded by bounce the ocean over the years including the acoustic ballad “Take Me As I Am”.

This collection will be available on August 25, 2023 at streaming sites and digital stores everywhere. Unburied “Treasure”.  Pure bounce the ocean.




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the reunion

new music after 30 years

2022:  The "legendary pop duo" bounce the ocean has reunited to record a new song "Don't Believe in Love Anymore" on Bowen Island, BC Canada this past August with multi-talented producer, engineer and award-winning musician Winston Hauschild.   

It was so great to see John again and hang out in the studio.  In some ways it felt like no time had passed at all and we were totally in sync as we used to be back in the 1990s when we lived together and wrote songs all day long! I think we missed each other more than we knew.  We've of course kept in touch over the years but until now, had not had a chance to work together on musical collaborations.  We're both writing new materials and talking about a collection of new music with bounce the ocean.  






pandemic recordings

Oceans Together

"Oceans Together" represents my latest musical creations.  The title alludes to the connections we all share on this planet.... that we're never really oceans apart but oceans together.   The album is a mix of personal lyrics along with global calls on our climate crisis in "Want To Believe".    Produced by Winston Hauschild on picturesque Bowen Island, there's a relaxed, chill feel to the music full of popilicious hooks and harmonies - just the way I like it! 🙂

You can buy the digital album here on Apple Music!





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the solo efforts

Life Insurance

Creating this album was a bit like coming home for me, after travelling for a very long time.  Throughout my life, I’ve realized that music is always around me and in me and part of me.  And that expressing my music is about love.  For life, for the world, for me, and for you.     

"Life Insurance" is a collection of personal songs that have travelled with me for a very long time - about life, family and how I view the world.  Like “Who Do You Say I Am?” - a song about the eternal existential questions ‘where do I belong, where is home, and who am I really?’ Or “My World” - a song about "always wanting more, never sure what for".  

So my hope is that some of you will enjoy this album, that something might speak to you in one of the songs, whether it’s the lyrics, the harmonies, the way it came together, or simply listening for the joy of living another day, that’s fine too!   Whichever way, thanks for hanging out with me and my music.  And for bringing me home.

You can buy the digital version here on Apple Music.  For a signed personal CD, connect with me here! 🙂  




CD Cover Art bounce the ocean

the pop duo thing

bounce the ocean

The pop duo 'bounce the ocean' recorded its debut and only album on the boutique Private Music/BMG label in early 1991.  The original tracks were produced by Grammy Award winning Los Lobos saxophonist and Producer Steve Berlin.  Most of the basic tracks were recorded at Bobby Langes studio dug into the Richmond Beach hills north of Seattle with Frank Bry engineering.  We later took the tapes down to LA to continue recording and mixing with Michael Frondelli (Crowded House, Eddie Money, Robbie Williams).   

Additional production was added by super producers Michael Omartian (Steely Dan, Rod Stewart) and Glenn Ballard (Michael Jackson, Alanis Morissette).  The finished album was released world-wide and sold several hundred thousand copies and turned into an epic hit in Argentina it turns out.   We only found out many years later!  Still considered a classic there!  

Listen to the full album here via secret YouTube playlist. 

My Music – the beginnings

In my youth, I wrote songs all the time.  Hundreds and hundreds.  Most forgettable.  But every once in a while, a good idea stuck and became something more.  A pop song.   

With my early bands – Stupid Enough and 4 Tomorrow, we recorded loads of demos.  You can check some of that out in The Vaults where I’ve kept things under lock and key all these years for a reason!!! 🙂

More story coming later in spring 2024 – website still under construction! Stay tuned!



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