Business Master Plan

Business Master Plan

Develop your long-term vision and a short-term game plan so you can focus on matters to create sustainable business success.

This is a 2-part intensive. Both are needed for sustainable business success.

Part I: Your Big Picture Business Master Plan

The first part focuses on your long term vision, the second on your short-term game plan. You will leave this intensive with a completed 2-page business master plan that will help you and your team focus on what matters so that you can bring sustainable success & fulfillment to your business.

We begin the journey with the end in mind. What does your big picture success look like? Coaching teases out the important elements of your business like:

  • Your business purpose and "why." These inspire and motivate you and your stakeholders - while leading to greater fulfillment.
  • Your core values help you find the right people.
  • Your core competency: the one thing that you do better than your competition, what Jim Collins calls your Hedgehog
  • Your value propositions, niche, target audience and key sources of your target audience

    Ready to make next year your best year ever? Contact us to set up your private Business Master Plan Intensive.

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