Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

What money buys is your freedom – the freedom to choose! To choose your lifestyle, who you will spend time with, who you will work for and with, etc. Through my coaching we will explore your relationship with money and making adjustment if necessary towards financial freedom. We want our money to work for us instead of the other way around. I believe in empowerment and the authority you will unlock by having a good grasp of money will change your life.

Financial Freedom Acceleration

KEY QUESTION: What would you do now if you had enough money for the rest of your life?


  • Your whole life vision and values
  • Your financial goals
  • Your shorter-term stepping stones (goals) to your long-term destination (financial freedom)
  • Strategies and action plans
  • Value-based spending routine
  • Accountability

  • Some examples that may resonate with you:

    What money?
    Susie earns a pretty good salary yet she barely breaks even each month. She feels her consumption is not any more extravagant than others. She eats out just like her peers - a lunch here, a dinner there and goes out “on the town” occasionally yet she has no money to save or invest. She worries that if she were to lose her current job she doesn’t have sufficient ‘emergency’ funds to tide her over until she finds her new employment. And what if that takes a long time? How will she pay for expenses?

    Good news: If you identify with Susie, here’s the deal. Mastery of money has less to do with how much money you make but more to do with how you handle the money you do earn. You can start evaluating your expenses. In my experience, the moment we look at our expenses in detail, we start finding money in all sorts of places. Your money relationship will improve almost immediately.

    More good news: Soon enough you will have enough money invested and will not need to worry about losing a job. Maybe you don’t even need to work for money anymore. Money works for you. When you are in control, you are more confident in yourself and confidence, in turn, starts serving you in various ways.

    Work till death
    Julio hasn’t enjoyed his work for some time now. Yet he accepts the fact that he will likely need to stay and work for the company for the rest of his life as he is the sole provider for the family.

    Good news: Having a family doesn’t mean you’re chained to the work that you don’t enjoy. Instead, you will want to establish a multi-step process towards your financial freedom. First find a job that you actually enjoy doing. This is readily available as long as you are committed to your vision and goals and staying on track.

    More good news: Work may be optional one day – yes, even for you!

    Let’s have a chat if you desire to accelerate your financial freedom. You may wonder about the possibility of breaking free before regular retirement age, or maybe you simply have a desire to improve your finances. Just to be clear: I am not a financial advisor. I will not suggest any financial products nor will this be part of our conversation during the discovery session or the coaching. My coaching will help you unlock your money challenges and finding more money through your current resources. While investing is typically part of the conversation as strategies toward financial freedom, we won’t be discussing actual financial products in detail.

    This discovery coaching session will explore where you are currently and where you desire to be. Maybe that is all you need at this point – clarifying the problem in your head. Often giving your wondering (and wandering) mind a clear direction is all you need and you know what to do from there.
    Contact me to set up your discovery coaching session.

    Read more about Susie and meet Penny in my blog on Two Different Lifestyles; Two Different Retirement Consequences.

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