Proactive Leadership

Proactive Leadership

Follow the Leader

Being a leader is a commitment, not a designation. So many wear the boss title but forfeit their responsibilities. Once we accept our leadership roles, it is our social responsibility to be effective, compassionate and inspiring mentors and coaches to our teams and our organizations. How we lead or not lead has a significant impact on the lives of those around us.

Proactive Leadership Skills

This one-on-one strategy session will cover how you can focus your team’s energy on what matters the most for the team’s productivity as well as the organization’s.

During the session, we will work on:

  • Aligning your team’s goals with the organization’s larger goals.
  • Establishing yearly, quarterly and weekly goals and actions for the team
  • Creating strong accountability measures
  • Building your visioning and planning muscle as a leader

    Are you ready for a happy and competent team that is loyal to the mission of your company and each other and achieves high performance? Contact me to set up your Proactive Leadership Intensive.

    Want to be a more effective leader? Here's what I think the 5 most Effective Leadership Qualities are.

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