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Sustainable Life Design Coaching

How It Works

STEP 1: Speed Dating: this 15-minute quick question and answer session will help us establish if I can add significant value to your goals. If yes,

STEP 2: Complimentary Coaching Conversation: this 45-minute conversation digs a little deeper around your goals and establishes if we are a good fit for each other. If yes,

STEP 3: Coaching Partnership: we establish deliverables and design our coaching agreement together. This is a two-way collaboration: how will I help you to achieve your dreams and goals in the most effective and supportive way and how will you commit to the process?

Format & Expectations

  • We will work towards your goals – the deliverables
  • Each session is of 45 minutes and starts and finishes on time.
  • We meet either weekly or bi-weekly at the same time of the week.
  • Coaching is forward-looking and results-driven. It also requires both parties’ full commitment to achieve maximum results.
  • If the partnership doesn’t thrive, either party may terminate the contract and the unused portion of the coaching fee will be refunded.
  • You will have homework in between sessions. This is where significant growth and development happens.
  • I offer complimentary support up to an hour in between your regular sessions to address any business and leadership areas that come up.

  • Sustainable Life Design Coaching

    Three Options

    • OPTION ONE: Duration 2-4 months for a total of 10 guaranteed sessions: This will start you on the right path towards your big goals.
    • OPTION TWO: Duration 6-9 months for a total of 20 guaranteed sessions: This is our "bread and butter" program. Change usually takes time and this program will not only set you on the right path, but also build your muscles around behavioral and systematic changes that propel you into productive and transformative action.
    • OPTION THREE: One-off visioning or strategy session of 90 minutes
    • NOTE: All sessions are virtual. Lower Mainland BC Canada residents may choose to do sessions in person following official Health Guidelines.

    My Invitation

    If you're a recent immigrant to North America and/or a woman of color, I'm happy to extend considerations in terms of special pricing. As you can probably surmise, I have huge respect for the immigrant experience, both in terms of challenges but also opportunities. As well, succeeding as a minority female takes a little extra special courage and focus. :)

    Designing, creating and living your best life is very fulfilling! I dare say that doing so is imperative for all of us. What could be more important than a sustainable and fulfilling life? Where else would you invest first? Consider this for a moment: without you, the world doesn’t exist. I believe that all of us deserve an opportunity to live to our fullest potential and I invite you to join my Sustainable Life Design coaching sessions.    

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