Maho Okada

Linda is a visionary leader who inspires others, sees, believes in people’s potential, and invests both in their professional and personal growth. I met Linda over 15 years ago and I have learned so much through these years. What I appreciated the most working alongside her was that her horizontal leadership style, setting a clear priority on people first and building authentic relationships. I still remember the very first day we met, Linda immediately created a welcoming and inviting environment and made me feel “we can do this together”. In our day-to-day interactions, no matter how big or small the issues were, or in business and personal settings, she always took time to assure me that her support was there. This never changed and I witnessed her doing this not only with me but also with another 40 plus colleagues with diverse backgrounds in the international sales and marketing team which she managed!

Not only is Linda excellent at empowering people but also has a balanced approach to it. She knows when I needed hands-on support and when I needed to push myself on my own. Although sometimes it was out of my comfort zone, I knew I have a person who supports and encourages my development. Having such a strong trust helps build stronger self-confidence to adopt in different settings of both professional and personal life stage.

Linda is an empathetic and resilient leader who naturally makes positive impacts on the people around her. I believe she will continue to help to make a positive influence on many more people, and if you are one of them to be part of it, you are the lucky one!

Maho Okada (Administrative Assistant)

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