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Stay tuned.  Under construction.   More to come by Spring 2024. 

Over the years I’ve collected clippings, memos, music charts and other bits and pieces.  I’ll show them off here! 🙂 


What's happening here?

Little Horses?  Hawk's Vocals


Over the years, I've recorded thousands of musical ideas into little mini-cassette players, 4-tracks, our trusted TASCAM 8-track recorder, then full-on 24 tracks with SMPTE code to hook up multiple machines for our album, and on to today's ProTools with massive edit capabilities (and no, those aren't little horses; they're my harmony vocals!) 🙂 

Funny thing is, in the end, it's really about the song anyway.  Is it memorable? Does it speak to me?  Sometimes the simpler, scratchier, imperfect can be even more beautiful.   

I've compiled some of my favorite demos inside from early days to outtakes and re-mixes from the later years.  

Studio Angelica's Song


Snappy shots behind the scenes

Hawk lost in Istanbul


Official and unofficial

Mini bounce the ocean bus


Favorite song lyrics, posters, memos, Billboard articles and other curious items here.

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