Hey Jessica,

Thanks for popping by.   I really enjoyed the music in Off-Spring and Upright (Tim is pretty amazing too) and thought I’d see if you’d be interested in placing any of my songs.  I own all my own publishing and the recordings so it can be pretty straightforward.  

If you have any specific needs that you’re looking for, I’m also actively writing new music and have loads of demos and other finished songs that may be of interest.




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Happy in the studio

“So We Collide” from the pop duo ‘bounce the ocean’s debut album released by Private Music/BMG label in early 1991.  Produced by Grammy award-winning Los Lobos saxophonist Steve Berlin (Tragically Hip, REM, Crashtest Dummies) and mixed by Michael Frondelli (Crowded House, Eddie Money, Robbie Williams).   

Additional production was added by super producers Michael Omartian (Steely Dan, Rod Stewart) and Glenn Ballard (Michael Jackson, Alanis Morissette).  

The finished album was released worldwide and sold several hundred thousand copies and became an epic hit in Argentina it turns out.

“All of My Life” from my album “Life Insurance” is a song about living life on the other side of the world, far away from family and “home”.  And after more than 40 years away, I wanted somehow to explain that, despite the distance and passing of time, my family and I are still growing closer. For Dad.

“The ocean’s waves are one 

Beneath the warming sun

And still the bond is growing strong

And you belong to all of my life”

Classic synth-pop song, “Because of You” about falling head over heels in love and being so overwhelmed with emotions – so much that both sadness and happiness remind you of your love. The percolating bouncing synth tracks echoing off each other – like heartbeats in unison. 

“And I discovered beautiful things in life

I didn’t know could exist

And I discovered beautiful things in life

The first time that we kissed

Because of you”

Hawk Bjorn 2023 All Rights Reserved